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I continue to create delicate sculpture in glass as an exploration of expression that attempt to expand from a faint presence to space and sensation. This is because I find a lively tension in the fragility and transparency of glass, which is evoked by the transience.


In my practice I’m trying to reconsider the Japanese aesthetic senses, such as the delicacy of handmade work and the tranquility and transience that emerge from it. I suspect that my expression, like pianissimo in music, will sharpen the viewer's senses and allow for a deeper perception of light and space.


Glass as a material is very attractive for exploring delicate expression. When melted, glass can be stretched softly and thinly, smoothly connected from fine shapes, and it shows a sharp light while reflecting a landscape through it. My works created in this way blend into their surroundings to create a faint presence and tranquility, bringing a sense of transience and lively from the tension, and then spreading out in harmony with the light and space.



・2024/7/12 (fri) ~ 8/3 (sat)


  DiEGO表参道/ 東京

・2024/7/3 (wed) ~ 7/14 (sun)

 グループ展「A & A Ⅱ」に出品いたします

  Gallery TK2 / 東京

・2024/5/15 (wed) ~ 5/20 (mon)

 「GINZA ART FESTA」に出品させていただく予定です

  松屋銀座 8階イベントスクエア / 東京



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